Sparkly Yoga Hatha Groove
12:30 to 14:00

Sparkly Yoga Hatha Groove

A fusion of yoga and decks, Hatha Groove in Australia is a project run by Michele to unite his two passions – balancing his love for yoga and electronic music. From start to finish, Hatha Groove is an uplifting and balancing blend of yoga to the backdrop of a music mix matched to the energies of the sequence. Add in some free flowing movement and you have a wonderful weave of rhythm and dance.

Sparkly Yoga Hatha Groove

The vision behind Hatha Groove is to blend the ancient yogic wisdom with a contemporary sensibility – using traditional yoga poses and sequences, but then inspiring creative movement through the postures. You can expect the unexpected, as each session is a unique journey. There will be moments of intensity, with challenging postures and sequences, then moments of relaxation and visualisation and much more. And always guided by the music which is also very eclectic with a DJ laying down the beats live.

Yoga is about being present in the moment. Groove is what happens if you tune into the music and allow it to flow through you. You embody the vibrations of sound and allow it to make you… groove!

Teacher Bio :  Michele Maselli is the founder of Sparkly Yoga. Michele has been practicing Yoga since 1995, and teaching professionally since 2007. Feeling the immediate measurable benefits of increased well being, his practice deepened over the years studying in India and Thailand (having spent 8 years living in Thailand) with various teachers.
In 2006 he embarked upon the Gita Teacher training program. Michele feels very blessed to have had the opportunity to study under several inspiring teachers including the Gita directors Di and Lucille, Donna Fahri and his most beloved teacher Clive Sheridan.
Whilst having trained to teach in the Gita style, Michele has studied various other traditions of Yoga such as Iyengar, Astanga and Sivananda and embraces all forms, which he weaves into his eclectic style of teaching.

In 2008, Michele set up in partnership with another 4 fellow yogis, www.workplaceyoga.com.au, which focuses on bringing yoga into the corporate sector. Aside from teaching regular corporate classes, Michele also teaches in fitness centres, yoga studios, council initiated classes as well as more specialised classes such as for the elderly, children and classes at the Youth Justice Centre.
In recent years Michele has taken to running yoga retreats, having found the benefit that the deeper exploration to the practice when immersed in a retreat has bought him, he wishes to share this with his friends and students through introductory weekend retreats and longer week-long retreats in Thailand. Having lived in Thailand for many years, Michele is passionate, connected and experienced to enable for a truly joyful and exciting adventure in Thailand for those who join him.
Through his love for music, having been a DJ for many years, Michele has recently embarked on a new exciting project – Shakti Groove running occasional Yoga workshops along with a live Dj and sometimes other guest musicians/facilitators creating a multi faceted Yoga experience, having a little fun with the practice being guided by blissful, funky and exotic music. | www.sparklyoga.com

Class Schedule

  • This workshop will run from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM
  • The Learning Centre at CERES