Mosaic Vision presents Autumn Skye’s Australian Tour 2016

We are excited to announce that one of our much-loved Canadian visual artist, Autumn Skye will be touring Australia in January-February 2016.

Mosaic Vision first worked with Autumn during the Eclipse2012 Festival where she was part of the art gallery, live painting and artist panel.

Now she’ll be joining us for Rainbow Serpent Festival as well as Earth Frequency Festival and a few other (soon-to-be-announced) events around Australia.

Autumn Skye Visionary Artist | Australian Tour 2016

Autumn Skye Artist Statement

“For as long as I can remember, I knew my mission was to share inspiration. As soon as I was old enough to hold a paintbrush in my hand, I began making art, and I have barely put the brush down since. Painting has taken me to distant lands around the world, and to the furthest reaches of my innermost heart and imagination.
In any creative expression, there is a profound voice that speaks through us when we release judgment during the process. Knowing this, I strive to move beyond my mind, and get out of the way to allow that grace to come through. With every brushstroke, I witness beings come to life and worlds unfold before me. I realize the art is not born from me, but through me, and in this understanding I am both humbled and empowered. Painting is my stillness and my rhythm, my teacher and my lover, and it never ceases to surprise and amaze me. Each canvas takes me on a journey, and as my paintbrush follows, I am always led back to my centre.
I believe that the role of the artist is especially crucial at this challenging and exciting time, while the world is at the precipice of momentous change. We have an opportunity to transmute the shadow and pain that we witness in the world around us into visions of wholeness. Artists are map­makers, and those maps can help guide humanity forward into new and positive ways of seeing and being. And so, I offer each of my paintings as a mirror; a reminder of our pure and good human heart, as well as our timeless divine spirit.”

Autumn_Skye_5-800HAutumn Skye was born in 1983 in Nova Scotia, on a maple syrup and blueberry farm on the Parsborro Shore. Her family gradually moved west, with her father settling in the Rocky Mountains and her mother in the temperate rain­forests of the BC Coast. Spending her youth within these incredible landscapes, she developed a deep wonder for the magic and richness of nature. In addition, family road ­trips and new experiences nurtured a curious and creative imagination, and she was always encouraged and supported to express herself artistically.

Now, between journeys to explore, show, teach, and share inspiration worldwide, Autumn Skye lives and paints in her home on the Northern Sunshine Coast of BC. From her studio, she overlooks a sweeping expanse of ocean, mountains, and sky. She is deeply grateful and considers herself among the blessed of the blessed.

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