Illustration Workshop with Adam Paquette (expired)

Two Day Workshop : “Ideation and Professional Illustration”

February 27 & February 28, 2016  | 10am-5pm

Location : The Fields • 3 Merrifield St • Brunswick VIC


About workshop: Over two days, Adam Paquette will convey a spectrum of knowledge from ten years experience as a full time freelance illustrator (Clients include Film, Video Game, Publishing and CCG Clients). He will speak the truth about the professional world, taking control of your career and choices as an artist, interpreting briefs and art direction, conceptualising solutions, personal voice, colour, form and composition, storytelling, painting technique in oils and digital painting. He will also address your portfolio (if you have one), and your personal goals for your art, and be as honest and forthcoming as he can with the ‘real deal’ on where you’re going and how to get there.

Cost: $300  – Spaces are Limited

Day 1

  • 10am-11am | Introduction to who I am, my work and experience. I’ll also give my perspective on the industries I have been a part of, and talk about the need for ‘professional stance’.
  • 11am – 12pm | Receiving and Interpreting a brief. Types of job structure, how to read them and systematise an approach to solving them.
  • 12pm – 1pm  |  Sketching Stage 1Ideation and Thumbnailing
  • 1pm – 2pm Lunch
    Please BYO lunch or there are many restaurants walking distance on Sydney Road. Tea/Coffee provided.
  • 2pm – 3pm  | Sketching Stage 2 – Composition and Fundamentals (And how to refine them as you work).
  • 3pm – 4pm | Personal Voice (Find it, Keep it, Speak it).
  • 4pm – 5pm  |  Portfolio Review

Day 2

  • 10am – 1pm  |  Digital Painting Demonstration (Suitable for people to follow along in other media)

  • 1p-2p  Lunch
    Please BYO lunch or there are many restaurants walking distance on Sydney Road. Tea/Coffee provided.

  • 2pm – 5pm  |  Oil Painting Demonstration, using the digital painting as a reference point. (Suitable for people to follow along in other media).

What to Bring:

Day 1 & 2

Drawing media – pencils or pens, and a sketchbook. Tablet or laptop with a Wacom tablet if you prefer to sketch that way. Nothing fancy – however you like to draw. We will be focusing heavily on ‘process’ over ‘product’ on Day 1.

Day 2

Your preferred method – bring whatever you feel. If you have an existing painting setup, feel free to bring that along – the following are only suggestions.

Digital Painting:
Computer, tablet and an extension cord if you have one. Work surface optional. Table space may be limited.

Oil Painting:
Easel of any kind you wish.

Painting Surface – smooth cotton canvas OR linen canvas OR wood panel. Oil, acrylic or universal prime – all fine. I will be working around 9×12″, but any size you like is fine.

Brushes – mix of bristle brushes (don’t have to be fancy, but nothing from the two dollar shop – they won’t last the day!), and soft synthetic or natural hair brushes. At least one ‘bright’ or square ended brush – the rest are up to you.

Paints – any brand you like of artist-quality oils. Bring whatever combination of colours you like – but at a minimum you will need Black, White, Red, Yellow, Blue.

My palette is as follows. Colours marked with a * are a good starter palette.

  • Cremnitz/Flake White
  • * Titanium White
  • Naples Yellow Light
  • Cadmium Lemon
  • *Cadmium Yellow
  • *Yellow Ochre
  • Indian Yellow
  • *Cadmium Red Light
  • *Burnt Sienna
  • *Raw Umber
  • *Alizarin Crimson (Permanent)
  • Sap Green
  • *Ultramarine Blue
  • *Pthalo Blue
  • Pthalo Turquoise
  • *Windsor Violet (Dioxazine Violet)
  • *Ivory or Mars Black

You will also need

  • an *ODORLESS* mineral spirit (like gamsol or similar). Make sure you have a lidded jar to bring this in. This will be both a cleaning agent, and a ‘medium’ for your first layer. You may also bring an oil/medium if you wish, but this is not necessary.
  • Paper Towels
  • Palette knife – if you like to mix/paint with one.

For any other questions please email


Adam Paquette Bio

1I’m Adam. I’ve been a full time freelance illustrator for eleven years, working in film (Animal Logic, The Henson Company), Publishing (DAW Books, Nightshade Books), Illustration (Magic The Gathering, Dungeons and Dragons), as well as being a founding member of Cartel Artists, a pre- and post-production studio in Sydney. Alongside my professional work, I have balanced my practise as an oil painter, writing, a daily sketchbook practise, educating, and most recently I have co-founded Legendeer, an organisation dedicated to embedding artists and their practise back into the world through Expeditions and Workshops, new models of education, philanthropy, advocacy and funding. I believe strongly in the power of art to broaden our understanding of the world, to bring about lasting change.

For any questions, contact Adam directly:

visit  website | instagram | facebook



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